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Why is the failure of PDM in China more than?

PDM relative to the success of ERP should be relatively easy, at least it has three advantages:

PDM is the first service in the design, designers create the potential is unlimited, as long as designers have played a potential value of the expression, and will not be laid-off replacement issue will not arise the question of redistribution of power, design the right to design and create their duties, no one would go to replace;

PDM implementation of the second boundary in business is clear, mainly corporate R & D management, and ERP is not as rare as such a lot of synergy between the business management of complex difficulties, and despite the development of business processes of different enterprises vary widely, but In fact this process very reasonable, do not do too much in process improvement, the general is canceled in the past to improve the repetition tedious manual work;

The third use of PDM is often the corporate staff inside the highest levels of computer applications, computer technology is most interested in the operation of some features of the software is also very familiar, well-organized can easily be implemented by force, rather than the customary resistance to those.

But I often think of a question, why engage in a PDM for some time in the market as ERP or scenery on the grounds that it?

I personally think that five points:

The first PDM technology base is not enough.

The development of ERP from MRP to now nearly 40 years, many enterprises have accumulated a large number of applications and demand basis. And on the technical and implementation experience have a lot of maturity; and PDM from 80 to 20 years now, technology is still being improved;

For example, the data in the design of ERP is relatively easy, because the ERP data in the basic expression is two-dimensional relational tables, and many system requirements when using the manual data input and maintenance of complete, this data directly into the data table, change the consistency is a natural input , a save, changed once all the updates, but the PDM in the product design Guocheng Cunzai information representation in the product complex, Erqieyaoqiu Zidong Tiqudianzi drawings and ensure Xiayou Ge Huanjiezhongfu use and ensure Yizhi of 闂, the international on the product model of Shi Zhong did not stop to make do with widely used standards, and different CAD / CAPP / CAE / CAM format is not uniform among suppliers objectively increased PDM product data management interface, the complexity and difficulty, at this point the technical complexity of PDM of far greater than the ERP.

ERP has sophisticated data organization models, algorithms, PDM in a lot of things have not matured, Haizai free play, especially the domestic suppliers, results of theoretical studies of external Biaozhun inheritance Bugou fact, this is 澶у matter Several universities of PDM system, complete a comprehensive introduction to foreign PDM Thought?

So now the mainstream PDM technically perfect space for improvement is still a great need to wait for some time.

The second basis is not enough demand for PDM

The core competitiveness of Chinese enterprises is what? Low price, fast delivery OEM production, this production of design innovation not ask for much, but organization of production, logistics cost control requires a high priority objective in the PDM to the ERP needs of demand, because the end is to support PDM products co-design innovation and design, not just manage documents and products; it to manufacturing country in the process of China's ERP fame, to create power in the process of PDM is the spring.

Third there is a lack of PDM's management infrastructure.

ERP is the promotion of enterprise management a substantial absorption of foreign lean manufacturing, JIT production, large-scale water production, to join the international supply chain of "agile manufacturing" (note can not be said to agile design) needs close contact, we organizations should see our production patterns and the planned economy has been completely different, earth-shaking changes that result in management of advanced management information technology companies desire, or we can not explain so many entrepreneurs know the status of implementation of the ERP case still looking to find under the help of their corporate ERP.

However, the objective conditions of PDM into a large number of applications the enterprise project management and concurrent engineering management to realize the standardization of enterprise data management.

Note PDM is not on the implementation of project management and parallel after the project is not standardized through the PDM implementation, but because these managers manage by hand very difficult time by PDM to improve management efficiency and level!

This is to create giant Chinese companies are also not completely resolved or are beginning to solve the problem, so there is a lack of PDM management foundation.

4th PDM supplier in China is still relatively immature, we can understand or feel their companies do a PDM and ERP products are shipped to do the level of the gap is still significant. Should be said that the domestic implementation of human resources information system project is mainly a reserve in the ERP that.

Speaking from the positive side, this one in the PDM to the people coming to the fore in the future easier. So I have been insisting since 2002 on the development of selected areas in the PDM, the reverse was known in this area more easily.

Fifth, China's applications to be expanded PDM

We mentioned that theoretically contain large amounts of data or information and complex application process places such as banks, customs, port, government, schools and so on can be applied to product data management technology, also referred to the manufacturing process of enterprise applications, data can also be management techniques. We note that this type of enterprise is often the strongest purchasing power of information technology applications are the most determined business, the number of ERP luxury Shan was born in these industries, but at present these industries can not be our customers, the market's total plate or In the most competitive, relatively low purchasing power of the mechanical manufacturing industry get together.

Providers are less likely to earn the industry development, and also the lack of forward speed.

From the business, our domestic supply of technical thinking is still very limited expansion of the use of business applications PDM management thought the idea of an example:

What is hearing thunder? Is to download the software + search engine + huge resource library

What is a MP3 site? Is online songs / lyrics + search engine + browse a huge resource library

What is Video Share? Is the online play + search engine + huge resource library

What is PDM?

Can be: online browsing + search engine + huge resource library

On the PDM business expansion, I would like to find a time to talk alone.


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